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Willam, Alaska, & Coutney are the AA Cover Girls!

Any ad that contains Dawson is an ad for me.

  • American Apparel Ad Girls with Courtney Act, Alaska 5000 and Willam
  • Published on YouTube: 09 Oct 2014.
  • Published by: Willam Belli

This Video is a wellspring of queer US popculture references. For example: A "Venti" is a Starbucks’ (US coffee chain-store) throw-away cup size containing 20 – 24 US liquid ounces. The joke is that "Grande" is the next smaller size, and Grande is also the name surname of an American starlet. “I like Ariana Grande so much, i want to order an Ariana Venti” – “Venti” is the hyperbole of “Grande”. And lots of other wonderfully useless information is carefully tucked away in the pop gem.

Busides! Anyone who likes “Dawsons 50 Load Week-End” is okay in my book.