German Prostitution Act

Lies & Truths about the German Prostitution Act

(A great synopsisin English, with numbers, on the state of the debate.)

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The myths that circulate about German prostitution legislation are a perfect example of how lies and misconceptions become accepted as “truths” if only they are repeated often enough. Since political actors and anti-prostitution activists in many countries frequently cite Germany as an example where the legalisation of sex work has allegedly failed, the following list will look at some of the common claims made about the German Prostitution Act of 2002. The list is by no means exhaustive and well-informed readers will find nothing new in it. Its sole purpose is to reiterate evidence to contradict the common misconceptions, which sadly find their way into countless media reports time and time again.

* Research Project Germany: “Lies & Truths about the German Prostitution Act, An Introduction for the Uninitiated”. On: Published: 02 Oct 2014. Last viewed: 02. Oct 2014.

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