Xi in India

Xi and Modi vow to "fight against colonialism" and "for development and national rejuvenation."

[Prime Minister Narendra Modi] said his remarks that China and India are one mind with two bodies are widely circulated in India, as the two countries share the same aspiration for development and have every reason to strengthen cooperation.

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Xi pointed out that the Chinese and Indian peoples sympathized with and supported each other and forged profound friendship in the fight against colonialism for national independence, stressing that “we must carry forward the friendship.”

NDTV Video of Treaty Signing Ceremony (Chinese & Hindi)

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV): "Watch: China to Invest $20 Billion in India in Five Years - PM Narendra Modi".  In: ndtv.com (Video). On: Published On: September 18, 2014.  Duration: 41 min, 50 sec. (Last viewed: 22 Sep 2014).

Posted on ndtv.com, 18 Sep 2014. Duration: 41 min, 50 sec.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping held summit talks in Delhi today for 90 minutes, more than the allotted time. “There should be peace in our relations and at the borders. If this happens we can realise true potential of our relations,” Mr Modi said later, amid a stand-off in Ladakh, where Indian and Chinese soldiers are locked in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation at the border.¹

The Diplomat writes in summary: "Still, despite this strategic mistrust, the two countries will likely continue to build their relationship on a foundation of economic cooperation. Xi and Modi are expected conclude a deal on Thursday that will see over $100 billion in Chinese investment flow into India, dwarfing the recent $34 billion package Japan offered India. The two leaders may additionally discuss security issues, such as how New Delhi and Beijing can cooperate in Afghanistan following the withdrawal by NATO and U.S. troops at the end of this year. Earlier this summer, China invited India to attend the next summit of the APEC trade group, as well as inviting New Delhi to join in its Maritime Silk Road initiative — something that has been a major focus of Xi’s South Asia trip so far."²

For more news and images of the summit see: Xinhua International article by Li Jianmin.

¹ New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV): "Watch: China to Invest $20 Billion in India in Five Years – PM Narendra Modi". In: ndtv.com (Video). On: Published On: September 18, 2014. http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/watch-china-to-invest-20-billion-in-india-in-five-years-pm-narendra-modi/338541 (Last viewed: 22 Sep 2014).

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