Rayk Anders

Investigative Journalist, Rayk Anders, follows up on a story in which neighbors fenced in the (unused) playground of their condominium complex in order to prevent "filth and contageon" being brought over from the refugee children in the Home for Refugees in Need of Special Care nextdoor.

This goes out the German speakers in the bunch:

Rayk Anders is a bit of a populist, using the sensationalist style of ‘news expose’ television programs, he aims more for the gut than the mind to get his message across. He does so however very charmingly, and apparently shares many of Babewyn’s convictions. So what’s not to like?

In all seriousness, his presentation is understandable, and well argued. Well worth the watch.

For further reading:

  • Mai, Marina: "Flüchtlinge in Berlin – Unser Sand soll sauber bleiben". In: (Berlin). On: 07 Jul 2013!120375/ last viewed: 16 Sep 2014.

Wohnheim für besonders schutzbedürftige Flüchtlinge

(Home for refugees in need of special care)

Eichborndamm 124

13403 Berlin – Reinickendorf


* Anders, Rayk: "Ausländer-Kinder RUNTER von deutschen Spielplätzen!! [ARMES DEUTSCHLAND]". On: YouTube. Uploaded: 14 Sep 2014. last viewed: 16 Sep 2014.

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