Frontex is doing its job – Reflecting ‘our’ priorities.

Frontex logoEven the bourgeouis press has discovered the topic. magazine article “Flüchtlinge: Europas tödliche Grenzen”** by journalist Maximilian Popp and photographer Carlos Sporttorno offers a multi-media tour of our ideological underbelly.

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“wie viele menschen an europas außengrenzen sterben, diese zahl erhebt frontex nicht.”

English: ” The number of those who perish on Europe’s outer borders is not recorded by Frontex.

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Link to the FB page of the Refugee Info-Point on Oranien Platz. Got there. Ask questions. Donate food, clothing and first–aid materials, please.In essence the article points out that in order to apply for asylum in the EU you must cross the border illegally. And as we are aware, since Dublin II it is all but impossible for refugees to move freely once within Europe. We are called on as local citizens to support the refugees, who make it to our doorsteps against all odds. (Click Photo for link to local Berlin refugee project.)

The unworthy treatment of the rest of the world has to stop. If we continue with the politics of discrimination, exploitation, and isolation the price we all will pay will much higher, than the investment that would be necessary to feed, house, and provide medical care, and access to education/training for the world’s refugees. It is not only in our best interest, it our moral obligation. Any deliberation on the matter is deeply wrong, and will be pay dearly for our atrocity.

Visit the refugee info-booth at Oranien Platz in Berlin, Kreuzberg, and don’t forget to bring food, personal hygiene articles, first–aid materials, donations, and offer to volunteer 
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* Photo by Ohlauer Infopoint (on Facebook) (last viewed 28 Aug 2014).

** Popp, Maximilian (Reporter) & Spottorno, Carlos (Fotograf ): “Flüchtlinge: Europas tödliche Grenzen”. In: (Politik). On: 10 Sep 2014 – 11:35h. URL: (last viewed 14 Sep 2014).

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