Islam Congress condemns IS

For the next time you hear:

“Where is the Muslim out-cry against violence in the name of Islam?”

DTJ reports: “Frankfurt: Theologen nutzen Islamkongress für klare Verurteilung von IS”

(English: “IS Terror, Frankfurt [Germany]: Theologians use Islam Congress for a clear condemnation of IS”)

Deutsch Türkisches Journal (DTJ) writes:

In numerous countries around the world Islamic theologian have formulated statements condemning the ideology of the ISIS – so to in Germany. The Frankfurt Declaration has meanwhile been endorsed by numerous other Islamic scholars.

The congress with the title Horizonte der Islamischen Theologie (English: Horizons of Islamic Theology) which was held at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany came to a close on Friday, 05 Sep 2014 before 400 participants, and saw a wide range of theological and Islamic studies events, was also overshadowed by the tragic occurrences in Iraq and Syria.

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