HIV Testing USA

HIV Testing USA

Alan Pelaez Lopez’s article, “What HIV Testing is Like When You Are Queer, Black and Undocumented” , resonates on many levels.

Alan Pelaez Lopez is an AfroLatin@ that grew up in Boston via La Ciudad de Mexico, documenting his existence as an undocuqueer poet, jewelry designer, and bubble tea addict. Alan currently works at the Dream Resource Center in Los Angeles, which is a project of the UCLA Labor Center. He is a member of Familia: Trans*, Queer Liberation Movement.Planned Parenthood turned me away from getting an HIV test. I did not have a U.S. ID. [ … ] the thought hit me that maybe I experienced this not just because of just my immigration status, but because the lives of poor, queer, people of color do not matter to society. [ … ] Local college clinic next, wait list. Maybe in two months. [ … ] I am in these positions because of a complex colonial history [ … ] *

Initially this was meant to be a bit on HIV and medical care in the US. I always do a bit of ‘reasearch’ when i plan to post an article, but this one was far more than i had bargained for.

This post really hit home.

I was reunited with the topic: interaction between basic needs, and bureaucracy, socio-economic injustice, and ethnic / racial resentments several years ago when i began volunteering as a cook once a week at a local project for male sex workers called SubWay e.V.

I had begun to loose sight of the acute problem, as the ravaging of the 80s and 90s took the friends of my teens, college friends were less prone, and the folks i met later have got middle aged with the rest of us, and found ways of avoiding things like living and working (on) the street.

Alan Pelaez Lopez is voicing today, what should have been voiced 30 years ago, but we were all to busy dieing. Seeing him speak brought the same warm wash of familiarity, that listening to Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza on a panel discussion several years ago did.

We are back up on our feet and pushing back!

  • Title: Seeing Hope Through Story: Telling in the Undocumented & Queer Movement
  • Speaker: Alan Pelaez Lopez
  • Location: Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
  • On: YouTube®
  • Up–loaded on: 22 Nov 2013

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Alan Pelaez Lopez is a member of Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement (FAMILIA: TQLM)

Alan Pelaez Lopez’s profile on (Un)

* Alan Pelaez Lopez: “What HIV Testing is Like When You Are Queer, Black and Undocumented”. In: (black–folks). Published: 05 Aug 2014. (last viewed 12 Aug 2014).