Handelsblatt Weekend Edition

"The Errant Path of the West: Politics of Escalation"

(Irrweg des Westens: Politik der Eskalation)

Handelsblatt cover weekend edition 08, 09, 10 Aug 2014, Handelsblatt G 0 2531 NR. 151

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But actually i just wanted to post this delightful cover image, a caricature by Berndt A. Skott illustrating an article by the German journalist Gabor Steingart, depicting a naïve-adventuresome US President Obama leading a bewildered German Chancellor Merkel by the hand toward an open man hole.

Many may balk at my penchant for this very commerce oriented daily. I suggest anyone interested in political affairs read it regularly. The articles are often well researched and broadly scoped, much more so than similar publications with less of a market focus. Handelsblatt provides insight into the processes and economic interests behind current events in a way that few other journals do.

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