A Résumé of these weeks' comments and emotions …

After again reading public demonstration of horror regarding recent blood-games, really only one of innumerable theaters of human failing and aberration, but that one that has enthralled the West for the last half–century, the enduring Israeli-Palestinian/Palestinian-Israel Slaughter,

A Thought:

I share the anger and helplessness of my fellow commentators, though in my view their understandable inflammatory polemics are not suitable to achieve the stated goal, bringing peace to the region.

In addition it seems to me we should guard ourselves against the self-destructive mental approach: ‘McBurger’ & ‘ColaCola’ do this-and-that, ‘the’ Jews dominate what-have-you, ‘the’ Muslims are thus-and-so. This manner of explanatory model does no justice to the historically arisen complexity of our present, while at the same time creating a sense of powerlessness among individual and groups who lack the financial background of large companies, or possess less historical sense of belonging than ethnic groups / religious faiths. Fueling the impression ‘we’ cannot play a role in influencing reality because ‘they’ have the power, is at best a form of self-repression, and at worst an attempt to distract from one’s own brute rage, and inertia.