Catholic German Bishop condemns anti-semitic slogans

Aachen, Germany’s Roman Catholic Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff sharply condemns anti-semitic slogans

Aachen's Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff"At pro-Palestinian protests in Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities in the past several days slogans such as ‘Jew, Jew cowardly pig, come out alone and fight’ [German: ‘Jude, Jude, feiges Schwein – komm heraus und kämpf’ allein’] were chanted. Everyone has the right to publicly state his political opinion as well as to criticize the politics of Israel, Mussinghoff, who is currently visiting the Holy Land himself, commented. ‘But no-one has the right to mobilize against Jews or against any other group of people, and to live-out personal misanthropic sentiments from the safety of crowd."* (translation by the author of this blog)

* An die Seite der Juden treten:, 23 Jul 2014, [
] last viewed 30 Jul 2014