Support Belgrade Pride!

28 Sept 2014 is Pride in Belgrade, Serbia – Spread the Word!

As a reaction to political, and social change in the last 20 years as well as the eastward expansion of NATO and the Wester European dominated EU, a vehement socio-political reaction has arisen in many countries formerly in the Soviet sphere of influence. This comes on top of the already widespread trend toward economic neo-liberalism, coupled with reactionary conservatism emanating from the US and Great Britten beginning in the mid-1980s, making the situation of poor and minority people more precarious than it otherwise might be. We can see this in the treatment of Eastern European Roma, refugees, people of color, and many others all over present day Europe. The topic of homosexuality is particularly underscored by reactionaries in Eastern Europe in an attempt to set themselves apart from what they see as decadent, “gay”, Western Europe.

participants of the 2010 Belgrade Pride - banner reads "možemo zajedno" English: "Together We Can"The September 28th, 2014 event will be Belgrade’s 4th Pride Event since 2001. Each previous event, 2001, 2009, and 2010 has been met with violence on the part of radical rightists, and bureaucratic and political foot-dragging. The last event 2010 was followed by street rioting incited by ultra-nationalists, hooligans, and the Christian right.

Amnesty International LogoAfter 4 years of campaign work on the part of LGBTI people in Serbia, Amnesty International, and political pressure from the European Union as well as members of the European Parliament Belgrade Pride 2014 is scheduled to occur on 28 September. The original Pride event scheduled for May was cancelled due to devastating flooding.

Amnesty International’s call for solidarity:

  • Organize photo messages (posters or individual messages) at festivals
  • Statements of solidarity at pride events
  • Take pictures of people with supportive messages at information booths
  • Call for support on Twitter

@Fight Discrimination in Europe

All statements of solidarity (text, drawings, photos, postcards etc.) can be posted directly to the organizers’ Facebook page The messages should be tagged "@Fight Discrimination in Europe"

Alternatively, messages can be emailed to:

Email: (Todor Gardos, Balkan Team, IS will forward the messages.)

Message Text Suggestions:
  • People for people. I/we support Belgrade Pride.
  • LGBTI people in GERMANY/CITY stand with friends in Belgrade.
  • I support equality, I support Belgrade Pride.
  • I am here, and I support Belgrade Pride.
  • We are standing in solidarity with Belgrade Pride.
  • We support LGBTI rights, we support Belgrade Pride.
  • Belgrade Pride is a human right.
  • Standing/marching for Belgrade Pride.
  • LGBTI rights are Human Rights.
  • Human Rights are my Pride.
  • Love is a Human Right. I stand for Belgrade Pride.
  • Stand together against hate.
Link to Google Map of Belgrade, Serbia below: