David Tyree

"Active Ministries of Spiritual Warfare"

… is what ‘The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)’ calls their campaign to implement the “Seven Mountains Mandate,” or the belief that Christians should take “dominion” over the seven power centers of society and government*: government, church, education, family, media, arts, and business. (see YouTube Video, "Lance Wallnau Explains The Seven Mountains Mandate"

Rachel Tabachnick’s Political Research Associates article, "Anti-Gay Gatekeepers of the NFL: The NY Giants’ David Tyree Controversy"

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In keeping with the current trend among liberals to rally around galvanizing topic of anti-gay and lesbian smear campaigns, Tabachnick talks at length about David Tyree’s preoccupation with what to him are the ills of homosexuality. This seems to me to distract from the more comprehensive scope of the NAR’s social and political thrust.

None the less a very worth while read! [click here for link to article]

* "Anti-Gay Gatekeepers of the NFL: The NY Giants’ David Tyree Controversy", by Rachel Tabachnick on politicalresearch.org, 25 Jul 2014 http://www.politicalresearch.org/2014/07/25/anti-gay-gatekeepers-of-the-nfl-the-ny-giants-david-tyree-controversy/ last viewed 26 Jul 2014