T’is a wee filim, on just how systemic injustice keeps the racist balls in the air.

Video: The War on Drugs and the War an immigrants are intertwined. Repost from Colorlines.

"Here’s an all too easily forgotten reality: mass incarceration and the U.S. deportation machine are deeply intertwined. And black immigrants get swept up in both systems. A new video from the Black Alliance for Just Immigration spells it out:

The rate of detention and criminal deportation is soaring. Black immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America are overrepresented in immigration detention and criminal [deportation] proceedings by five times their presence in the undocumented community. And all Latino undocumented immigrants are disproportionately affected by a wide margin. Ultimately all forms of [criminalization] keeps people divided.

The new video is part of a BAJI campaign called #therealcrime. Find out more at BAJI."

  • Written and Co-produced by Opal Tometi, Tanisha Christie, and Line Break Media
  • Graphics by Gazino Scott
  • Animation by Justin Meredith and Line Break Media
  • Voiceover by Tanisha Christie