Book Release – Von Mauerfall bis Nagelbombe

"Von Mauerfall bis Nagelbombe"
(Eng.: From the Fall of the Iron Curtain to the Nail Bomb")
A Recent Book in German and Turkish by the Victims of the Pogroms and Attacks of the 1990s

Book Cover - "Von Mauerfall bis Nagelbombe"

Von Mauerfall bis Nagelbombe
Der NSU-Anschlag auf die Kölner Keupstraße im Kontext der Pogrome und Anschläge der neunziger Jahre
128 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-940878-16-8
Price: 10 Euro plus 2 Euro domestic shipping

Duvarın Yıkılışından Çivili Bombaya
1990’lı Yılların Irkçı Pogromları ve Saldırıları Bağlamında NSU’nun Köln Keupstrasse Saldırısı
120 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-940878-19-9

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And there is no end in sight …

During May and June of 2006 the families of those murdered by the so-called National Socialist Underground (Ger.:Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund – NSU) from Kassel, and Dortmund, Germany organized demonstrations of mourning in protest of the inactivity and incapability of the investigative authorities. Nine people were killed in the attacks between 9 September 2000, and 6 April 2006 It was not until early 2012 that the Interior Ministry admitted having ‘made errors’ that in essence lead to blaming the immigrant community for what were actually right-wing hate crimes. The connection to the National Socialist Underground was discovered by chance following the suicides of two NSU members, a third’s reporting herself to the police, and an arson investigation in November 2011 of a building that was used by the organization. A debate has begun on whether our justice system is ‘blind in its right eye’ downplaying rightist crimes, whilst being biased against immigrant communities.

The film below documents immigrant communitie’s un-heard 2006 plea directed a the general public, and the authorities.

Kein 10. Opfer!
(Engl.: No 10th victim)