G.-Hauptmann School – Interior Sen. Henkel statement

Berlin's Interior Sen. Fank Henkel (CDU) statement on G.Hauptmann School Protest

Regugees occupy roof of Berlin, Kreuberg's vacant G.-Hauptmann SchoolAs was to be expected Berlin's Senator of the Interior Frank Henkel (CDU) toes the line, in a radioeins.de interview on the question of what can be done for the protesting refugees occupying Berlin-Kreuzber's Gerhart-Hauptmann School.

In essence:

His bureau is doing what it has the authority to do. The Kolat-Agreement with the refugees that were on Oranienplatz, and those in the G.-Hauptmann School still stands.

The school is property of the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg's former District Mayor Franz Schulz (Bündnis '90/die Grünen) allowed the vacant school building to be occupied by squatters. He is pleased, that District Council for Planning, Building, & Environment, Hans Panhoff (Bündnis '90/die Grünen) has been working against the situation for several months, and has filed for an eviction request.

Henkel's bureau has been criticized by officials, and protesters for its silence, and perceived inaction in the matter. Senator Henkel is a conservative, if far from being a hard-liner, and his reaction was foreseeable. Until there is a change in public attitude, and German / EU asylum policy little else is likely to occur.