Flaschenhals Park – Berlin

Der Flaschenhals Park, Berlin

Flaschenhals or Flaschenhals Park in Schöneberg, 5,5 Hektar, (Engl.: Bottleneck Park)
Opened to the public on 21 March 2014

The tracks of the North-South long-distance line (Ger.: Nord-süd Fernbahn) divide the East Park from the West Park. The narrow Flaschenhals can be reached from the East Park over Yorckstrasse by way of one of the historic Yorckbrücken viaducts, and extends the green way southward.

Remnants of the old railway, and the secondary growth trees and shrubs like birches, and wild roses that grew up when site was abandoned were consciously retained, and incorporated in to the design of the park, turning what was once a vacant, and overgrown rail yard into an enchanted forest.