Fuck Off Happy (Warren Suicide with The Göteborg String Theory)

Fuck Off Happy

Warren Suicide with The Göteborg String Theory

How to start your day right … ? With Warren Suicide, of course!

Really dumb ‘nom de plume’ – Wicked cool ‘Mucke’

Berlin based ensemble produced by Shitkatapult.

And this is their web–site: (here)

According to their Facebook page:

Warren Suicide web–site

“Warren Suicide were founded as an Electro Trio in Berlin in 2003. Nackt and then band member Fremdkörper were looking for a sound, a character while Cherie was drawing a strange figure on a piece of paper in front of her. Warren appears with the words “Hello, hello, my name is Warren Suicide”. It’s a small face, the outlines slightly contorted, a slender figure, asexual, thin arms and legs. It smiled carefully, the teeth looking like those of a fish, the eyes with the look of a new-born baby, but wide open.

Warren Suicide: they are unpredictable – thrown into life by people who step out of a drawing on paper, onto the stage, into the world where Warren reaches the most remote parts of the world – he still isn’t pretty – that’s what you get when your name reflects what you are and what you can become, every single day we voluntarily die a bit more.

Warren Suicide however is the power that nourishes you because he is not afraid of anything in this world. Not of unfinished sentences – or even life itself!

Back in 5 minutes…”