Food ‘Security’: the need for a new framework for analysis

"Food ‘Security’: the need for a new framework for analysis"

Monika Barthwal-Datta, Feb 28 2011 * (here)

Wheat Gield

“… This is not to say that the links between state security (i.e. domestic political stability) on the one hand and the threat of political violence in the wake of rising food prices on the other, has not been made. Indeed, this is exactly the context in which policymakers at the national and global level primarily raise concerns around food security today. What is lacking is any concerted effort to grapple with the root causes and wider consequences (including but not limited to the threat of political violence) of spiralling food prices and the greater question of food security in a global security context. …"

… there is a glaring gap in the analysis in terms of examining the mechanisms which link the multi-faceted dynamics of food production and consumption on the one hand, and the broader security concerns around states and sub-state groups on the other. …" (source)

Yesterday evening i stubbornly refused to have a traditional discussion on the subject of migration and integration. Today this article came to my attention, reaffirming my commitment to the topic of access to food and drinking water, and my reluctance to discuss who should be allowed to migrate where, and what they should or should not do when they get there.

Dr. Monika Barthwal-Datta is a Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences of The University of New South Wales, Sydney, AU

* Food ‘Security’: the need for a new framework for analysis, by Monika Barthwal-Datta on E-International Relations (, 28 February 2011 [] zuletzt abgerufen 01 June 2014.