Daddies Plastik

Stop Being Poor

from Persia Uses Daddie$ Pla​$tik by Black Glitter Records

I have been way to ‘nice’ recently.

Just a little ‘got nothing against them – it’s just not my taste’ culture, just in case ya suspected i had stopped being ‘so negative!’

Stop Being Poor Promo from Black Glitter Records on Vimeo.

Title: "Stop Being Poor" from Persia Uses Daddie$ Pla​$tik
By: Black Glitter Records, Oakland, California, US
Lyrics by: Tyler Holmes, Vain Hein, Persia, Daniel Toribio, San Cha, Jessica Amaya

For a link to the full-length version on Black Glitter Records click the Image below:

 Stop Being Poor from Persia Uses Daddie$ Pla$​tik by Black Glitter Records
According to their Facebook page: “DADDIE$ PLA$TIK is a new multimedia performance project featuring the sounds and visuals of three Bay Area based artists: Tyler Holmes, San Cha, & Vain Hein&hellip: as well as a slew of other collaborators
sounds like the B52s on acid, at a punk rock rave in yo momma’s vag”