Have we come a long way, Baby?

“Venus Xtravaganza of Paris is Burning would have been 49 on 22. May 2014.

by Brian Mills on fierth.com * (here)

Venus Xtravaganza

“Venus Xtravaganza (May 22, 1965 – December 21, 1988) … she took the name Venus in her early teens. As is the tradition of the gay ball culture, she adopted the name Xtravaganza upon becoming a member of the House of Xtravaganza in 1983. The house, like similar houses, is named in the style of European fashion houses (e.g. House of Chanel) and is an affiliation of young drag queens, transgender and gay youth who have come together around the underground Harlem drag ball scene. …" (source)

She is my generation. For white cisgender kids some things have changed in some places. For the rest of us, things have stayed the same or got worse. Thank you, Venus for your light, and your courage. The only difference between you and me was that my azz was out there later than yours. So my job is not to forget.

Shame on you Jennie Livingston. Shame on us all. We’ve been bought.

* Venus Xtravaganza of Paris is Burning would have been 49 today, by Brian Mills on fierth.com, Friday, 22 May 2014 [http://fierth.com/2014/05/venus-xtravaganza-paris-burning-49-today/] zuletzt abgerufen 23 Mai 2014.