Research Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge, Building Power

Please watch this no matter what your issue of empowerment is.

I would like to thank Kin Folkz for bringing "Research Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge, Building Power" to our attention.

Youtubes text says: ‘Research Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge, Building Power explored the role of Research Justice within and across academia, tribal contexts, and grassroots organizing efforts from the local to the global. This town-hall style discussion brought together Angela Davis, Jason Ferreira, and Chief Caleen Sisk in critical dialogue about the possibilities and challenges facing scholars, tribal leaders, and community-based organizations committed to working towards Research Justice.’

Angela Davis is a huge hero of mine. Please, listen to what she, and the other members of the panel are saying. I really wish this would happen. I feel so strongly that we need to enliven our communities, and live them, define them, reclaim them for ourselves in order to overcome division. I will be here doing the work i do cooking, thinking, blogging, and loving. I would love to hear from people in our LGBTI-Queer community, and in ‘other’ communities who are doing their work, and hear from you how i can support and share.