Outing to Britz Manor

Outing to Britz Manor (Ger.: Schloss Britz), Berlin, 19 April 2014

Schloss Britz Pfau Schloss Britz Fritillaria meleagris, Schloss Britz
Gutshof Britz

A wonderful day with my favorite friend Murmeltier! Schloss Britz (Engl.: Britz Manor), is one of three remaining manorial estates in Berlin, …

Fritillaria meleagris, Schloss Britz
Gelbwangenschildkröte, Alt Britz Stockente, Alt Britz Henne, Gutshof Britz

… the others being in Berlin–Tegel (Schloss Tegel, Humboldt–Schloss) and Berlin–Dahlem (Domäne Dahlem).

The original medieval half-timber manor was was replaced with a two story stone structure in 1699, forming the basis for the present building that was modified in the style of the French Renaissance in the late 19th Century, during which time extensive landscaping was done on the front, and the area behind the house was filled to the level of the belle étage to provide space for a landscaped park. After a 40 year stint as an orphanage, Britz Manor was purchase, and renovated between 1985 and 1988 to be open to the public as a museum, with a restaurant, and adjacent park. During opening hours, the grounds, and the Museum Neukölln (located in a former out-building) are open to the public free of charge, fees apply for the manor itself, special exhibits, and concerts.

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