Lis Kirkby

Lis Kirkby (age 93), Writes Thesis comparing the Financial Crises 1930’s and 2008

Dr. Lis Kirkby

Sie [Dr. Kirkby] kommt in der Arbeit zu dem Schluss, die jetzigen Politiker hätten nichts dazugelernt: „Die Sparmaßnahmen werden am härtesten ältere Menschen, Behinderte und Bedürftige treffen. Die Großen kommen dagegen davon.“*

Dr. Lis Kirkby writes a disertation comparing the economic crisis of the Thirties with that of 2008. In and of itself an ambitious topic. Dr. Kirkby is however somewhat more qualified than most who would write about the two events. She experienced both. Lis Kirkby is 93 years old.

Her summary: the austerity measures as a reaction to the present financial crisis, will hit "the elderly, the disabled, and the needy" the hardest, while letting the fat cats off the hook.

Thank you, Dr. Kirby for your insights, and for showing us all a left-hook!

* Greise Doktorandin, 93-Jährige promoviert über Weltwirtschaftskrisen: Deutsche Presse Agentur, 26 April 2014
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