#insideout – ask ask brands ‘who made your clothes?’

Will you be wearing your clothes ‪#‎insideout‬ today (24 April 2014) to honour the victims of the Rana Plaza disaster?

#insideout - ask ask brands 'who made your clothes?

The factory collapse on April 24, 2013 left 1,133 men, women and children dead, over 2500 injured and at least 800 children orphaned. Subsequent headlines detailed untold horrors: illegally run, poorly-built factories, desperately bad pay, foul mistreatment of (mainly female, often underage) workers and a system of mind-numbingly slow bureaucracy which would prevent compensation getting to the survivors.*

* How The World Has Changed Since Rana Plaza, Vogue News by Dolly Jones:
last viewed 24. April 2014.