Boehner weeps

The New Yorker article by Andy Borowitz “The Borowitz Report”:

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, John Boehner Photograph by Cliff Owen AP

“Tears streaming down his cheeks, Rep. Boehner appeared unable to maintain his composure as he delivered a speech interrupted by blubbering and sharp intakes of breath.

“What kind of a world is it where anyone can go on the Internet and get health care they can afford?” he said. “Not a world I’d care to live in, or leave to my children.”

“It’s not right… and it’s not America,” he said, breaking down.” *

The US public health debate is too absurd for me to follow it regularly, but this was so priceless i had to post it. I don’t think i have laughed this hard about US politics since Mme. Albright said, “It was worth it.”

* Boehner: “I Don’t Want to Live in a World Where Seven Million People Get Affordable Health Care”, Andy Borowitz, in, 04 April, 2014, (last viewed 05 April, 2014).
Photograph by Cliff Owen/AP.