Polly & Bob

Bettery Magazine interview with Polly & Bob founder and urban activist Volker:

Volker, Polly & Bob founder and urban activist

"We want to make the world’s neighborhoods more trusting, sharing, and connected. … Where I can be who I am, where I have real experiences, and where I get the full dose of human interactions. Such a neighborhood has a slower pace. Here, people focus on life, not on ways of earning money. … It is less competitive and even more creative since people are much happier and enjoy more scope to explore their full potential.*"

Polly & Bob: Website // Facebook

i hope to participate in one of their events, perhaps one that does not entail singing or socker as those are not really my best points. The running dinners sound like fun.
i wonder if theirs would be a model that might bring about at least a bit of cohesion for what i currently experience as a deeply cleft, and alienated LGBTI (non-)community here in my region.

* Interviewing Polly & Bob, Team up with your neighbors to fight urban isolation: Interview by Frank R. Schröder, in betterymagazin.com, March 25th, 2014, http://betterymagazine.com/conversations/interviewing-polly-bob/ (last viewed 26th March, 2014).