Feral Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) in bloom

The Cherry Plum Prunus cerasifera are blooming!

–will make for some lovely jam, or just plain–

Cherry Plum Prunus cerasifera

Blossoms – Cherry Plum, Prunus cerasifera.

The feral cherry plum bush is just finishing blooming. The fruit are sweet, and delicious on warm late August days, but i won’t touch them because a charming Turkish lady and her daughter sneak in around the fence each autumn, and fetch the ripe plums. If i catch them they offer me one of the nicest ripest ones out of their basket.

If it hadn’t been for the two of them i never would have noticed the little yellow and orange fruit on the branches, so i go and get mine elsewhere, as i figure they have already laid claim to that shrub.