Jing Liu, JING JING & JING, 静 净 境

Xiaoya Kirschen

Artist: Jing Liu aka Xiao Ya (ink wash painting)

Liu Jing
静 净 境
contemporary ink wash painting
duration of the exhibit: 08.02.2014 – 05.04.2014
Tues through Fri 10–18
Galerie Bergwasser
Grohlmannstr. 16/16a
10623 Berlin
T: (49) 30-91497030
Fax: (49) 30-54817010
eMail: info@galerie-bergwasser.de
Website: http://www.galerie-bergwasser.de/
Exhibit Press Release PDF (in German): Jing Liu, Jing Jing & Jing

Visited the Galerie Bergwasser yesterday (15th March, 2014) with my friend Goran. We were both very taken with the exhibit, and the small and pleasantly unpretentious gallery. Charming nick-knacks, and objets d’art up front for the souvenir minded. We were even offered a cup of tea, but as we were not buying, we did not want to impose.

Had it not been so blustery and 9°C we might have gone to a favorite, home-made, freaky ice-cream place just a few bus stops away Marille & Co. Have yet to try the flavors “Lavender” or “Elderberry Blossom”. Frau Behrens Torten, to my mind Berlins best cake shop, is even nearer by, but we were on our way to Kreuzberg (pron: [krɔ͜yt͜s´-bɛrk]) to see a photo exhibit.

The photos that were the reason i wanted to see the exhibit, were derivative, and cliché. It happens. A light, sound, and video installation by Donna Ong with the title “The Forest Speaks Back” was entertaining, though if i understand the catalog article correctly that was not her intention. For Goran and me it was a beautiful playground. I think she wanted to elicit a more critical reaction. It just made us want to whirl around in front of the big blue beamer.

Too cold for our traditional round of ping-pong in the park, we went to a queer venue on Oranienstr. (not Oranienburgerstr. that is across town!) Bierhimmel. The place is not generally my style. To me it has the atmosphere of a train depot, stand-up café. I have to admit though that the staff is prompt, and sweet without being imposing, the cakes look tasty and fresh, and they have a separate smoking room. When the place is full it is tolerable, and there are lots of lesbians, in stark contrast to the make up of the crowd in many of the places i wind up.