Hazel & Cornelian Cherry in bloom

The Hazel and the Cornelian Cherry are blooming!

–will make for some lovely jam, and cakes–



Male catkins – Common Hazel, Corylus avellana (left). Blossom – Cornelian Cherry, Cornus mas (right).

I’ll have to make jam out out of the last of the black rose hips, Rosa pimpinellifolia in the freezer. Unless we get some frost, it looks like it will be an early season this year!

Not only does the European cornelian make excellent jams, and a refreshing beverage, the branches make excellent walking sticks.
I cut mine from a very special cornelian shrub, for though i am stubbornly scientific, i am an animist at heart. True to the words of an Irish lady who, though having enjoyed ample formal education, and traveled the world, when asked if she believed in fairies and leprechauns snorted, “Well, you’d be a fool if you didn’t!”. For me, the passion i felt under these particular branches puts a spring in my step when walking with this magical stick.