Solidarität ist es nicht

weswegen die BRD sich so für Griechenland interessiert. Daniel Brösler legt in der Süddeutschen Zeitung dar wie die fiskalische Wirklichkeit der Griechenlandhilfe sich in Zahlen darstellt. Selbstlos ist Die BRD indes nicht. Die… Continue reading

Umlilo & Stash Crew in Berlin

Panel Discussion w/ South African Queer Artists Umlilo & Stash Crew Sat 28 Jul 2017 18:00 CET, Marketplace @ Yo!Sissy Music Festival Berlin 2017 Festsaal Kreuzberg Am Flutgraben 2 12435 Berlin The Marketplace… Continue reading

Make it Femme again.

Cazwell: “Loose Wrist” Cazwells making us femme again Bütch, what took you so long!? Cazwell: Loose Wrists (Official Music Video). On: (cazwellVEVO). Up-loaded: 12 Jun 2017. URL: Last viewed: 12 Jul… Continue reading

Music for a Cool Breezy Day.

Music for a cool, breezy day watching bumblebees in the lavender. … Borusiade: Texture Mix #18. On: Cashmere Radio. Up-loaded: 09 Jun 2017. URL: Last viewed: 09 Jun 2017. Also find her… … Continue reading

Signs of Change

A “peaceful revolution” as epochal as that of 1989/90 seems to be taking place at the G20 Summit! Characteristically for the present moment in history, this clap of thunder seems to be going… Continue reading


Marriage for Everyone! The Federal German parliament quite suddenly voted to open “marriage” to same-sex couples. If “we” just won, how-come i feel like somebody just smothered my revolution under megatons of frothy,… Continue reading

Islamic Feminism

Amina Wadud: “Islam, Feminism and Human Rights” Wadud, Amina: “Islam, Feminism and Human Rights”. On: (LUCIS LeidenUniv). Dated: 14 Nov 2013. URL: Last viewed: 30 Jun 2017. … Further links: Mir-Hosseini,… Continue reading


Hijab-Hysteria! Das EuGH dämpft ein wenig die gegenwärtig (Anti-)Hijabhysterie.The European Court of Justice ruling puts a damper on recent (anti-)hijab-hysteria. “[…] eine corporate identity, die sich faktisch nur gegen kopftuchtragende Frauen richtet, [ist]… Continue reading

The Specter of Populism

A closer look at the AfD in action? A recent analysis* published by the social science think tank Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB) examines and compares the political emphasis and engagement of the current 13… Continue reading

4th Urban Art Biennale 2017

4th Urban Art Biennale 2017 Street art is becoming (has become?) canonical! That doesn’t “ruin” it. Just changes it. When the Federal Government and UNESCO get involved it opens doors for some whilst… Continue reading